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Who is 3M’s Transfer Agent, and what can they help me with?

3M’s transfer agent is EQ Shareowner Services. For more information, please view our Investor Contact page.

Can I purchase stock directly from 3M?

3M does not have a direct purchase plan at this time.

What is 3M’s ticker symbol and where does it trade?

3M’s ticker symbol is MMM. The stock trades on the New York, Chicago, and Swiss stock exchanges and is one of 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

How can I find out the closing price of 3M stock on a certain date?

For 3M stock information, please visit our Stock Information page.

When does 3M pay dividends?

Quarterly dividends on 3M common stock are typically paid on or about the 12th of March, June, September and December. 3M has paid dividends since 1916. To learn more, please visit our Dividend Information page.

Do you have a dividend reinvestment plan?

Yes. Through the Automatic Dividend Reinvestment Plan, 3M shareholders may have quarterly cash dividends automatically reinvested to purchase shares of 3M stock. Participants also may purchase additional shares through voluntary cash contributions or through automatic transfers from checking or savings accounts. 3M pays all service charges and commissions on stock bought through this plan, which is administered by Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, N.A. For more information about the Dividend Reinvestment Plan, please visit our Dividend Information page.

When was 3M first listed on the New York Stock Exchange?

3M listed on the New York Stock Exchange on January 14, 1946.

When was 3M added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

3M became one of the 30 companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on August 9, 1976.

How do I calculate the tax basis for Imation stock?

Stockholders who purchased 3M stock prior to the spin-off of Imation Corp. on July 1, 1996, need to adjust their tax basis for income tax purposes.

Let's say you purchased 10 shares of 3M stock prior to July 1, and you paid $600, or $60 dollars a share. As a result of the spin-off, you received one share of Imation common stock. To figure out your adjusted tax basis for 3M stock, use the following percentages:

Ten shares of 3M common stock: $600 x .96059 = $576.35

One share of Imation common stock: $600 x .03941 = $23.65 Total $600.00

Consult your tax advisor for further assistance.

Was 3M ever known under a different name?

Prior to April 2002, 3M was known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing.

When is 3M’s annual shareholders' meeting?

3M’s annual shareholders’ meeting is usually on the second Tuesday of May each year.

Where can I get the latest earnings and corporate news?

Corporate News Releases, including earnings and other financial information, are available in our Press Room.

Quarterly Earnings news releases are also available on our Quarterly Earnings page.

Where can I find 3M’s Annual Report (10-K), Proxy Statement and other filings?

3M’s Annual Report is available on our Annual Reports page.

SEC filings are available on our SEC Filings page.

How can I learn more about 3M’s businesses?

For more information on how 3M serves its customers, visit our 3M Businesses page.

Who is 3M’s independent auditor?

PricewaterhouseCoopers is 3M’s independent auditor.

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